Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ready, set, go?

Well...I'm signed up.  Full load.  12hours.  And n-er-v-o-u-s.  What if my note taking skills have gotten bad?  I've always been really tough on myself and gotten good grades.  I pay attention.  I sit in the front.  I listen to the instructor.  Now I'm worried that it will go too fast.  That I won't understand, that I won't be able to keep up.  I feel like I'm psyching myself out and that everything will be fine...but what if it won't?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hasn't been too long since my last entry-but great news for this college girl-I'm going back to school for the spring semester.  Go the ok from the neuro yesterday to drive.  Funny thing is, I had already talked to the hub about returning even without her ok to drive.  There is a bus here...I've seen it. Hello CATS of Charlotte.  Or, night classes. Get someone to drop off and someone to pick up.  I need to get educated so I can get a great job that I'm going to love!

So, short and sweet. I'm emailing my advisor to let her know I am back in business and to hook me up with some great classes for the spring.  Now, if I can only remember my way around campus....

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall already

October 1st. Still not driving, still not in school, still bummed out. I am not going to go back and correct any sepelling mistakes in this blog. Trying to see where I ca and where I will be in a few motnhs. Still getting better every day.  This whole brain damage thing blosw chunks. My fingers and my brain don't want to cooperate. Ok, I've made a couple of corrections. Just can't sta nd to see the mistake.s  Anyway, improving every day-my motto has been better every day. Finally made the decision to contact an attorney after I realized I didn't know a whole lot more that I thought. Sitting on my bed at 8:02.  Stout is at Oktoberfest-I have a nasty upper resp infection, so I've been hanging at the house all day-resting, and watching television. Wasting more brain cells.  Wish me luck-I am so ready to be out of here-at least that is what I think. Who knows what the neurologist will tell me. :-)

Monday, August 29, 2011


No school for me this fall. Saw a neurologist. She said no driving til the dizziness stops. I've had a couple of procedures done in therapy to help stop the dizziness. Have one more appointment and hopefully that will be the end of it. Have one more speech therapy. Now I have PT on my right hand. I hit it on something during the accident, nothing broken, but wouldn't heal. Saw an orthopedist today. He seems to think I may have torn the muscle in my right hand between my small and ring finger. Wouldn't be such a pain.....but guess who is right handed?

Enjoying the time with the grandson-getting to know him and his routines. He gives the best hugs and has the sweetest smile. He likes to follow me down the hall and come in Gigi's room.

Hoping that the short term memory loss will abate and so will the trouble with my speech before long. I'm excited about school and sad that I'm missing this semester.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fall Semester?

In May I signed up for fall classes-very excited-what with a major change...seriously changed my major to Political Science.  Now I'm not so sure I'll even be able to attend. The story goes something like this...

Was on my way to lunch with friends on July 5th when out of the blue (why is it blue? why can't it be violet or ruby?) anyway, got rear-ended by a front end loader with a trailer, which drove me into the guy in front of me, which threw me off kilter and across the oncoming lane of travel into a pipe bollard.  Now, some people might say "Oh my! Weren't you scared"  Usually I would answer, YES!  But, I was knocked out.  Long story short, I've had a head injury.  Bleeding on the brain, staples in the head...very attractive. Worst part is now I'm having dizzy spells and my head hurts. :-(  I have decided I wouldn't wish vertigo on my worst enemy.  Dizziness seems to be easing up some, but when it hits HOLY COW!  I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag.  Anyway, waiting for an appt with the brain injury doc. Still not allowed to drive-which may I say BLOWS!  We'll see......

Monday, May 16, 2011

2nd semester over already?

Can't believe that my second semester as a full-time college student is over!  Knew this semester wasn't going to be quite as easy as the first, but I have to be honest...Economics kicked my butt!
I got out with a C by the very skin of my teeth! Made a B in science and an A in my Lib Studies class.
Happy as a clam I am! Signed up for fall semester already-and decided that I wanted to minor in Women's & Gender studies in addition to hold on to your hat.......a major change!  Decided that Marketing just wasn't going to be for me and switched to Political Science. Of course, I did ask for my lovely daughter's advice seeing as she has already done the Pol Sci thing. Anyway, thanks for keeping up with me and for the good wishes!  Talk to you again soon!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I've been in second semester now since January. Just finished my second quiz in micro-economics and I'm completely bummed out. I've passed both exams, but by the skin of my teeth-and I'm not used to not doing well. Makes me question whether of not I'm made the right choices in chosing a course of study.

Taking a science, microecon, and another liberal studies-Art & Beauty in Western Civilization. Been interesting. Met with my advisor last week to discuss classes for the summer. She suggested Macroeconomics and another liberal studies-then on to the math portion of our show!  YUCK.

Anyway, I've met some nice folks. Studied with one guy for econ and have a class with a sweet girl named Peggy-we had psych together last semester.

That's all for now!