Monday, May 16, 2011

2nd semester over already?

Can't believe that my second semester as a full-time college student is over!  Knew this semester wasn't going to be quite as easy as the first, but I have to be honest...Economics kicked my butt!
I got out with a C by the very skin of my teeth! Made a B in science and an A in my Lib Studies class.
Happy as a clam I am! Signed up for fall semester already-and decided that I wanted to minor in Women's & Gender studies in addition to hold on to your hat.......a major change!  Decided that Marketing just wasn't going to be for me and switched to Political Science. Of course, I did ask for my lovely daughter's advice seeing as she has already done the Pol Sci thing. Anyway, thanks for keeping up with me and for the good wishes!  Talk to you again soon!