Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall already

October 1st. Still not driving, still not in school, still bummed out. I am not going to go back and correct any sepelling mistakes in this blog. Trying to see where I ca and where I will be in a few motnhs. Still getting better every day.  This whole brain damage thing blosw chunks. My fingers and my brain don't want to cooperate. Ok, I've made a couple of corrections. Just can't sta nd to see the mistake.s  Anyway, improving every day-my motto has been better every day. Finally made the decision to contact an attorney after I realized I didn't know a whole lot more that I thought. Sitting on my bed at 8:02.  Stout is at Oktoberfest-I have a nasty upper resp infection, so I've been hanging at the house all day-resting, and watching television. Wasting more brain cells.  Wish me luck-I am so ready to be out of here-at least that is what I think. Who knows what the neurologist will tell me. :-)

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